Bloom & Bush is the perfect Sunshine Coast wedding florist for you if:
  • you love flowers and want them to be a feature in your day
  • you love our floral style & work
  • you want personal service and don't want to be one of multiple weddings booked on the same day 
  • you want a wedding florist who can provide you with a full service experience creating designs for your wedding party, ceremony & reception as well as providing delivery and set up on the day with pack down immediately after or the next day
  • you want a florist who remains on site throughout the day as needed to support your venue and the rest of your wedding team
  • you want a wedding florist who can provide you with exclusivity on your wedding day, with no other weddings or events booked on the same day

Bespoke Sunshine Coast wedding flowers created uniquely for each couple with each arrangement designed with intention and thoughtful consideration of flower placement and all of the other elements of your day. 
We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry and are dedicated to continually honing our craft so that we are always bringing our best!
We value connection...with our couples, the flowers and all of the vendor teams we work with. That is why we limit the number of weddings that we do so that each wedding experience is personal and we can dedicate all of our creative energy to each and every couple we work with to make their wedding day dreams come true! 
Our guarantee to you is that your wedding will be the only wedding booked on the day to ensure you feel valued.

the Bloom & Bush

The magical process

To ensure that everything is tailored to you, after sending you our service guide we'll invite you to chat, either in person or via a zoom call.  Here we'll discuss all of your ideas as well as other elements of your day so that we can understand how everything will work together.
This is also an opportunity for us to ensure that we are the right fit for each other, develop trust and connection.

Hey there,
let's get to know each other


After getting to know each other a little better and having a deeper understanding of your overall vibe and vision, we'll put together a proposal for you outlining everything on your wish list as well as suggest ways you can maximise your flower budget.
You'll be able to accept your proposal online where you will be asked to pay a 25% non refundable deposit and sign our booking agreement, after which your date will be locked in and Bloom & Bush will officially be your wedding florist! (yay!)

Let's dream together!


We are here to support you in any way that we can through your wedding journey and we are always only an email away.
We are not a 'book and forget you until one month before the wedding' kind of florist and so you'll hear from us from time to time in the lead up to your day to see how you are and if there is anything you need.  We'll schedule our final design review 6-8 weeks prior to go over all of the design elements again and finalise your order before sourcing & ordering your flowers (your day is almost here!)

we'll walk your wedding journey together


It's your wedding day and we are so excited for you! We will work with your wedding team to bring your day to life and ensure everything is perfect!  Your wedding party flowers will be delivered to you (we'll even show you how to hold your bouquet).  We will then head over to your venue to set up your ceremony & reception florals, remaining on site until after your ceremony so that your ceremony flowers can be repurposed by us to ensure that they look just as perfect at your reception as they did during your ceremony.  All you need to do is enjoy every single moment!  It is going to be beautiful!

Your dream day comes to life!

We limit the number of weddings we do, meaning our service can be personal, we are able to connect more and ensure that you feel special. It is your wedding day after all!
Your wedding will be the only wedding on the day so that you receive all of our attention and every detail is taken care of.

Personal service &

We love to be a part of smaller wedding celebrations if our schedule permits.
Your celebration may be smaller, however it remains our passion to provide you with the same personal service,  bespoke floral design and a guarantee of exclusivity on your wedding day.

Elopements & smaller wedding celebrations

get in touch

Minimum investment $4,500

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We specialise in Full Service Floral Design, taking care of all of your wedding flower needs including your wedding party flowers, ceremony florals and reception flowers.  This service includes delivery & set up on the day, repurposing of your ceremony flowers and pack down.

Full service floral design

Minimum investment $1,500

send a note

If you love our style and what we offer, we'd love the opportunity to work with you.   Get in touch below to check your date and schedule a time for a chat.

want to work with us?

We love what we do, we are excited for you and we want everything to be as beautiful on the day as you do!
We pride ourselves on our flower knowledge and how to care for them & prepare them to ensure that your flowers look fabulous throughout your entire day.

A passionate & enthusiastic approach

Kerrie has extensive experience in the events industry with a deep understanding of how events work.  We believe in building relationships with those we work with and we work together to ensure that your day runs smoothly and stress free, staying on site to support the rest of your team until needed.

We know weddings!

our services & what you can expect

Our full service wedding design includes everything flower related on your wedding day including wedding party flowers, ceremony flowers & reception flowers.  We deliver all of your wedding flowers to of you on the day as well as deliver and set up the ceremony & reception flowers at your venue, with pack down the day after if required (we love to design everything so that they are yours to keep!)

Our minimum spend for full service weddings is $4,500.  This is to ensure that we can provide you with only the highest quality premium flowers and offer you the best service.  Our prices are carefully considered and based on our floral style which is lush with abundant floral as well as our expertise and industry knowledge which ensures that your experience with us is personal, professional and stress free.

do you have a minimum spend?

what is Full Service Floral Design?

We understand that sometimes your original vision changes. For this reason we will schedule a design & colour review approximately 6 - 8 weeks prior to your wedding day to go over all of the details again and make any changes needed prior to ordering your flowers.   At this time we can add items and/or redirect budget from one item to another.  As part of our terms & conditions, once your booking agreement has been signed, we do not allow a reduction in the value of your booking.


To ensure the service we provide is personal, we book a limited number of weddings each year with only one wedding booked on any given day.  Whilst most couples book 10-12 months in advance, to avoid disappointment, we recommend booking as soon as you know you want to work with us.


What is your booking process?

We love to keep things personal, so after reaching out to us we will send you our service guide and organise a time to gather more information about your day, either in person or via a zoom call.  You'll then receive an tailored proposal which will include everything on your wish list and we'll offer suggestions on how you can get the most impact from your flower budget.  You will be able to accept your proposal online and after you have paid the deposit and signed our booking agreement, your wedding date will be locked in and Bloom & Bush will officially be your wedding florist!

Big gratitude to all of the photographers who have shared their images of our work with us.

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Bloom & Bush is a Sunshine Coast wedding florist creating modern, lush & romantic wedding flowers